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Dollina |
Permits will be posted out shortly and in the shops by Friday;
6 March 2012

Martin MacGregor; |
Firstly, Hello to All, I am a new member this season and am enjoying the priviledge
Castle Semple has been fished by myself & other members of my own club, St; Ninians AFYD, and the no; of fish taken on , say 20 visits, is counted on 1 hand; Are we suffering @ the hands of our EC cousins again? They have a lot to answer for, as nearly every pike water we've fished, stocks are badly depleted;
We dont have to put up with this ; If you SUSPECT someone of doing this, report to the app't Authority It's a start, It's every where, not just CS;
I hope I'm not ruffling too many feathers here Regards, AFYD's Martin;
6 May 2010 - FOXBAR, Paisley;

Dollina tube |
Permits are in the post to all previous members; They will be avaiable in the shops from End of next week;
18/02/11 - Lochwinnoch

Michelle |
Hi, I'm trying to find people who knew my Dad, Brian Smith from Lochwinnoch, who died in 1999; He was 42 & used to go fishing, his mother is Jean Smith; I would appreciate any information as I did not get to meet him; 07516906746 ;Thanks
12 March 2010 - Glasgow

Matt S |
I'm not for taking any pike as I think this simply upsets the natural order; Leave them alone and they'll add to the natural balance of the loch; in simple terms, big fish will take smaller fish so no over populating, age will eventually take care the older fish, perch numbers will be kept in check etc;

I'm certainly not for anyone - for that read any guest or visiting angler taking fish for the pot; It's one thing taking the odd stray rainbow (have had a few on the Cart) or even good sized brownie (have had a couple on the loch on pike bait; not many, but they do take); But wholesale slaughter just isn't on and I agree that club members ('self included) and the Rangers should be doing more;

However, I'm also of the mind that the problem goes beyond Eastern European anglers and I have on occasion, along with my son, helped various anglers - kids and adults who look the part - unhook fish that they're clearly not comfortable handling; To be quite honest, the fish deserve better and I think that low numbers can also be down to over fishing in some parts; But that's just a personal opinion;

In terms of the threat from the East, well if the stats are to be believed there ain't many of them left; so the stocks should improve; But how often have you seen pike floating on top of the water with line wrapped round them; That isn't down to Eastern Europeans, just crap anglers who shouldn't be allowed near pike or any other type of fish IMO; Catch a pike - say a small jack of four or five pounds, reel it in and then "fu**, look at the teeth on that!" Cut the line and walk away; We all know it happens and I think this problem adds to that of those who take pike for the pot;

Bit of a long rant from this end;

5 February 2010 - Kilbarchan

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