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Chris R |
Hi All
Well to be honest I dont know what you guys are doing, every trip I have been there we have caught fish, at the weekend we caught 2 realy nice pike one 5lb and the other 8lb; What are you using for bait, power bait? maybe its time to change your tactics? The pike are really easy to comeby in the loch with a bit of patience and the right baits and methods; I was surprised as the first time we fished it we caught 5 fish but Im letting out no secrets of where we fish on the loch so dont ask; I think the loch has been a bit over fished by our european friends who look at pike as a delicacy but I hear they have moved on from pike and are now taking the local deer instead or they are having a combination of both Yes there needs to be some control of the fish being taken from the water, I would not mind if the fish being taken where say under 5 pounds and the older fish where left to mature and keep the head of fish up with them still spawning for future generations of us fishing the water to catch; I personally think the control should be down to the angling club members and the rangers in the park; I have spoke to a few of the club members and the rangers whilst being fishing and no one has ever asked me for a permit, maybe its about time they started doing this but then comes a lot of hastle with this and I dont think the local constabulary would be interested and the usual reply of "I no understand" as it is not a criminal offence to not produce a permit for course fish but a civil offence (maybe i need corrected on this); Lets face it the permit is cheep as chips and a 10 minute run from your fishing spot to the shop for one; Whats a quid these days?

Chris R
1 February 2010 - Scotland

Davy |
Fishing in Castle Semple getting poor time to stop these eastern europeans killing the fish that have been in these waters for thousands of years; I don't care if it is what they do back in their own country, this is our country and our sport; Time to protect our own interests and stop our pike being killed; I personally think that as Castle Semple is part of Muirsheil Country Park nothing that lives within its boundries should be killed; It's time to wake up and stop this happening because in less than a year from now there will be nothing left to fish for;
13 October 2009 - Lochwinnoch

scottistwolf |
can any 1 tell me what happend 2 the salmon pass ? was it put in ? or not ?
6 September 2009 - linwood

tis only me |
I think this web site needs updated; There are very few fish in and of st winnochs loch's let alone a 20lb'er; i have been fishing there for the last 4 weeks and nothing, even anyone you see there tells the same story; It has been over fished by the europeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILBIRNIE LOCH far better for quantity and size;
29 July 2009

newbie |
Hi there im just new to castle semple but from what i can tell it has been well over fished; I have been there every day for the past month and only had a 8 inch jack for my trouble ; kilbirnie loch far better, plenty of big fish; ;
29 July 2009

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