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Chris R |
Hi All

I have fished this Loch since April 2009 and only had 1 blank day, the best being 18lb with some days catching upto 13 pike a day, morning and night seem best for fishing but you still catch through the day; The permit is well worth the money here, a with well maintained access and clean well kept fishing spots though some anglers and day trippers need to pick up their litter; There are plenty of bins at the visitors centre
Friendly advice is always availible from the park rangers some are well clued up with the fishing hotspots and most stop for a welcome chat when you are fishing alone;
Access and safe parking is great, from the boat yard side with great paths in place for the less adventurous; From the bird sanctuary the path is good ( about 1KM) to the loch but not so great along the bank, but the loch fishes well on both sides
There are plenty of roach and perch to be caught here also (a great days fishing for the kids to get hooked);
10 out of 10 from me
9 July 2009 - Carluke

im considering a weekend trip to castle semple loch & was wondering if tents are permitted lochside or nearby; any info appreciated; thanks;
3 July 2009 - scotland

Tam |
Is the castle semple loch any good for the fly for trout or pike and can i fish by boat?
9 April 2009 - scotland

Elliot |
Hi there, im Thinking of joining your club and was wondering which of your waters are good for wild brownies?
Many Thanks

Hi Elliot,
The River Calder has a lot of small brownies with the occasional good size fish lurking if you are lucky;
Queenside Loch is also full of brownies if you are up for the walk;
24 February 2009 - Newton Mearns, Glasgow

Mel Swan |
Is the Barr Loch out of bounds for club members? Something my son said to me about RSPB objections to fishing; I've been a club member (member also of Castle for donkeys years) but have never fished this water; any help would be appreciated;


Hi Mel,
Club members can fish part of Barr Loch as shown on the map in the season ticket; Limited to 8 rods though at any one time;
ATB; Craig
26 January 2009 - Kilbarchan

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